Prelude to the Lord of the Seed

Rakti and here companions were called to Qi to meet with Mnoma for another mission.

While waiting for their audience with Mnoma, they companions travelled to the famous markets of Qi. Dhatar noticed a hooded stranger with glowing red eyes and attempted to follow him. The stranger dropped a device, which exploded with energy and knocked everyone in the market to the ground.

When the companions recovered, they discovered that the market had been sealed off by the Aeon Priests ( Order of Truth) and a powerful energy creature ( Glows) was trapped inside with them. The red energy creature was feeding off the still not yet recovered people in the market and gaining more power… power enough to break free of the seal and attack the city.

The heroes fought and defeated the creature after a long struggle. Thanked by the Aeon Priests, they were invited to an audience with the Amber Pope himself and his war council at the Durkhal.

At the war council, the leaders of the Order of Truth attempted to ascertain the source of the attack. The Convergence was mentioned, but it was believed that this rival Order had been wiped out a generation earlier. Finally, it was determined that the Gaians were most likely responsible. Near the end of the meeting, Mnoma stepped forward and suggested that the archives mentioned a similar creature, called the Radiant, from a previous world. The only every mentioned of the Radiant was the legendary Temple of the Vortex, last mentioned four hundred years early by the apostate, Abrassal. The Amber Pope dismissed Mnoma’s suggestion, but allowed her to send Rakti and her companions to find the Temple.

Mnoma tasked Rakti to seek knowledge or even aid from whatever they found in the Temple and then sent them to a possible location. The heroes left Qi travelling in an Order of Truth Airship…

Chapter 1 – Vortex


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