Is A Weird Nano who Fuses Mind and Machine


Dhatar posses an unsual array of trickets and oddities, combined with an unusual sense of fashion (which he insist is fashionable… just not at this particular ‘when’), makes Dhatar a strange and colourful individual.


Dhatar is not constrained by any limits in his pursuit of the Numeneria. So much so that he, presumably voluntarily, under went surgery which saw a machine spirit inserted into his brain.

Since then, Dhatar has only become stranger, marching to a different beat from the mundane people around him. This is, only in part though, driven by the knowledge and influence of the alien machine spirit which sits within his mind.

Dhatar self-hired himself as an expert in numeneia. His talents at detecting the wierd and unusual is almost supernatural, and he posseses a library of unusual knowledge in his head.

When Dhatar first joined the group, he seemsedunusually fixtated on Vanesh. This interest has apparently faded… for now.


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