Is A Driven Glaive who Wields Two Weapons as One


Rakti is a strong, fit warrior. Despite her many battles, she remains mostly unscarred. Due a recent Numeneria effect, Rakti now stands slightly taller then most men, giving her an imposing intimidating figure.

Rakti duel-wields twin arm blades. These razor sharp blades allow her to become a deadly dancer of death in battle. Rakti also wields a razor disk with great precision.


Rakti is semi-famous Glaive adventurer from the Steadfast. While she is a very successful warrior, much of her fame is due to the efforts of Vanesh, her bard friend.

Rakti’s origins are unknown, left in mystery, a story for Vanesh to tell another day. What is clear is that she is a natural warrior. She is not a strategist, rather rely on her skills to overcome any threat she encounters. Her reputation is golden; she is considered a hero by the those that have heard her tales.

However, another of he she spoken talents is how her drive inspires others. She has, over time, assembled an entourage of like-minded heroes who now journey with her.

Rakti has travelled with her friend and promoter, Vanesh for many years. More recently she recruited Soma and then Dhatar to her team.

Recently she has allied Order of Truth , in particular, Cardinal Mnoma. Mnoma has been hiring Rakti and her team to conduct a number of simple explorations and dealing with minor dangerous creatures.


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