Is A Learned Nano who Howls at the Moon


Soma appears lean and fit, with a slightly primal look in his eyes. At night, in the right light, his eyes even have the slightest reddish glow.

Soma’s clothes are is rough, he rarely spends time on his appearance. He is often unshaved, with a constant three-day growth.

One unusual constant is the books he carries with him. They are treated well and cared for, a stark contrast for his somewhat Wildman look.

Soma does have a scar on his face which changes shape over the course of the month. This scar tells Soma when he can expect to change.


Much of Soma’s history remains a mystery. He is obviously highly learned, suggesting a scholarly background. His preferred weapon of choice was a rapier, suggesting some training in the finer arts, perhaps indicating that he belongs to a noble or merchant family.

At some point Soma was cursed. Doomed to change into a vericious beast five nights a month, Soma’s previously life was lost.

When Vanesh and Rakti found Soma, he was living as a hermit in the woods near a remote moutain village. The villiagers had been under attack by a monster and they had come to suspect Soma. Vanesh and Rakti soon found the truth and with Soma’s aid, ended the real threat.

Since then Soma has been travelling with Vanesh and Rakti, aiding them in their adventures. Rakti has been training with him, recognising his natural insticts are highly effective in combat. He remains indebted to Vanesh, the only person able to calm the beast that he turns into and thus control the curse. However, he finds Vanesh’s stories and entertainment rather drab and thus does not gain any pleasure or inspiration from his tales.


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