A secretive and mysterious cult thought to control the lands to the north of the Steadfast.

The Gaian Crusade

The Amber Pope has called for a crusade against the recently discovered people in the far north who live beyond the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. This is in part due to the attacks by ‘Energy Spirits’ ( Glows) on major cities within the Steadfast. The Amber Pope believes that the Gaians are somehow responsible.

These people call themselves Gaians, and they are animists, believing that supernatural spirits inhabit all natural things. They revere these spirits, an act the order believes to be an abomination of truth.

Nine years ago, when Gaian explorers first ventured into the skyfields, and the northern parts of the Steadfast, the Amber Pope branded them as enemies of truth and declared a holy war against them. The first conflicts of this war, waged in the Clooudcrystal Skyfields, were small skirmishes. However, since the recent attacks on by the energy spirits, the Order has commanded a large force of warriors to go north and defeat the Gaians in their homelands.


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